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Weekend Recap: Quiet.

Quiet. This word perfectly describes what was altogether a lovely weekend. Some may substitute the word boring after reading this post…but honestly, I’ll take boring any day.

Saturday began leisurely. I woke up early (my body, when I am not sleep deprived, is actually programmed to wake up after 8 hours), and just stayed in bed for awhile reading. I meandered to my laptop after awhile to check my email and post about Anna Karenina before heading the kitchen for breakfast and coffee.

I had a chance to catch up on a few phone calls with family and friends, and because I just can’t sit still, I cleaned while I talked. It was nice to be able to talk with people and not be concerned with rushing off the phone. My Dad and I talked for quite awhile, and it was great hearing about how much he volunteers on the Alumni Board for his alma mater. I had no idea he was that involved, but I am really proud of him for volunteering and working with students. Both my Mom and my Stepfather have always taught me the importance of giving back, and it was so cool to realize its a value that spans my entire family.

When I stopped by the grocery store in the morning, I went by the Redbox to pick up a movie, thinking it was a good way to stay out of the heat, and really, its been awhile since I’ve watched a movie. I picked up Tower Heist, which I watched with one of my roommates in the afternoon.

I loved it. Its been awhile since I’ve sat down to watch a movie, or that a movie has captured my attention so thoroughly that I actually wanted to focus on the movie and not pull out a cross stitch, or an additional project. Tower Heist had some fun twists, a lot of action, some funny line, and had both Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in very different roles for each.

Sunday was back onto the normal schedule, but the afternoon was quiet, with dinner in the crockpot, and the weather more temperate. I took my project outside and sat in a chair overlooking the Hudson. Altogether, no a bad way to spend a weekend.


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