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“Some people juggle geese”

That quote, from Joss Whedon’s brilliant show, Firefly, comes outs of an episode when the crew of Serenity had to deal with a con-artist, and the wildly different culture on a particular moon where the Captain accidently wound up married. Oops. His wife, it turns out, was quite a bit of trouble. But I digress.

The past few days have been spent experiencing Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. Sadly, my place remains without power, and I had an interesting adventure yesterday hunting for gas, and landed at my sister’s place when I was nearly out. The good news is that she has heat, power, running water, and food. The bad news is, I hadn’t packed anything except some work books and my laptop.

It’s been interesting to people watch over the last few days, as people have encountered various levels of need, and had access to limited resources. How people have chosen to use their time off. Some people are heading down to the water and taking pictures. One of my neighbors spent Tuesday morning clearing debris and offering to assist the local police force in clean up. Some people have gone out looking for a hot meal. Others have made massive meals and invited friends to eat by candlelight.

I personally have done a little bit of everything. I’ve hung out with my roommates, I’ve cooked, I’ve gone out and surveyed the damage, I’ve cleared debris, and now, I am down in Jersey searching for gas, spending time with my sister and nephew, and rather enjoying a house with heat and lights. How about you? How have you spent your time post Hurricane Sandy? Were you impacted by the storm, or have you had heat and power?



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