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Weekend Recap: The one where I remember pictures

Little Man’s Swim class

This past weekend is best described as full but happy. 🙂 Friday night, after scooting out of the office on time, I met a friend for dinner at my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant. Over fresh made guac and al pastore tacos, we caught up on life. Then I headed down to Jersey.Originally, my stepsister and I planned to take my nephew, Little Man, to a campout in a park near thier house, but due to some horrible storms coming through, it was cancelled. So, I rolled out my sleeping bag and camped out on the floor.Saturday was full as we ran some errands, went out to breakfast, and they showed me around the area. I got to see Little Man’s swim class,  a parent and child class he and my stepsister attend each week where he learns to scoop his arms, kick, and splash like a mad man. He loves the water, and it was alot of fun to see him show off his skills.Among our stops on Saturday was this amazing fruit and vegetable market, which sold really ripe produce for amazingly inexpensive prices. I was able to pick up several pounds of zucchini and avocados for a whooping $4.00. The zucchini is going into a few dinners and has gone into several batches of gluten free muffins. The avocados will be going into a big batch of homemade guacamole and probably into a salad or two as well.The past few weeks have been insanely busy, so it felt nice this weekend to slow down and to rest. It was refreshing to just hang out and talk with S. and be a part of Little Man’s routines. It reminded me to slow down, and be a bit more grateful. And to take pictures because there are moments I want to remember.


Weekend Recap: the one where I am late posting again…

I’ll be honest: I seriously considered writing this post Saturday night so I would remember. But that didn’t happen, and so, I am of course posting it Wednesday instead of Monday. Blogger fail.

Moving on…this past weekend was mostly about rest. I would up heading home early on Friday from work, feeling mostly awful and knowing part of the solution was a good long nap. The nap certainly helped, but I also knew I would need to function a notch down this weekend in order to be ready for Sunday and Monday.

Saturday I didn’t manage to sleep it. It was my great hope to be able to do so, but I woke up at 6:30 amazingly ready for the day. After sending out some emails, reading, and a few cups of coffee, I headed down for brunch at my favorite french patissere. Why would a gluten free girl enter a french patissere? Well, they have some pretty amazing coffee…and gluten free crepes. There is no concern of cross contamination with the crepes because all of their crepes are gluten free. So I had my favorite crepe filled with Banana Nutella with an iced decaf coffee. It was lovely to sit and read and enjoy a breakfast that I did not prepare…a rather rare treat.

After breakfast I went to the library. It seems like every time I am in the library lately I am in a hurry, and need to get in and drop off books, grab my reserve items, and head out. There has been very little time for browsing or just appreciating the quiet and cool of the library. This changed on Saturday, when I opted to just wonder. I looked through the new books, I browsed the biographies, and I picked out a few movies. It was lovely and quiet and relaxed, and I spent the afternoon reading.

Sunday was busier to start, but not the usual full tilt of meetings. J. is in town visiting, and Sunday was one of the days we were slated to hang out. After a mad dash of muffin baking, printing very necessary paperwork, and preparing to head out the door, J. and caught up for breakfast before heading to church. After church, there was sushi, a bit of time to just chill, and then dinner prep and baking. When J. lived in the area, we would spend Sunday afternoons cooking lunches for the week, and it was fun to momentarily re-establish our old routine, especially in my spacious kitchen.

Overall the weekend was relaxing and enjoyable…which made it much easier when I came to Monday morning. 🙂

Weekend Recap: A few hundred miles and four days later

A bit of home.

This past weekend was a travel weekend, thus my delayed weekend cap and my lack of Anna Karenina posts. I had been hoping for a trip to Maryland to see family and friends this summer, and that opportunity finally came this past weekend.

Friday was a travel day, logging 255 miles of road time, 2 bottles of water, 3 snacks,  6 different radio stations, and 1 stop to stretch my legs. Arriving at my destination (my Mom and Stepfather’s house) was glorious, and not just because there was steak, baked potatoes, and salad waiting for me. 🙂
Saturday was a day for sleeping in, although I didn’t, and just having the chance to spend time with people. After hanging out with my Stepdad, and their new Yorkie Molly in the morning, I headed over to the local farmer’s market and bought three pounds of amazing Furnace Hills Coffee (I highly recommend their coffee, which I regularly have shipped to New York). I also got to meet the staff behind the coffee- Dave Baldwin, Erin Baldwin, and Lia Moore, which was amazing! Thanks for taking the time to chat!

After meandering the Farmer’s Market, and then stopping by a local salon for a haircut, my parents and I headed to Wegman’s for my great gluten free adventure. Assembling the necessary ingredients to bake, or even finding a decent package of gluten free cookies can be a bit of a challenge. My Mom, after some research, discovered that Wegman’s had an amazing gluten free section, and so we headed for a shopping spree. I now have 4 or 5 gluten/corn free cookie and cake mixes, gluten/corn free all-purpose flour, bread crumbs, graham cracker crumbs, pasta, and corn free tomato sauce.

The store in and of itself was an experience. I have never been in a store quite so large, or quite so crowded. In addition to the normal grocery store aspect (but think more high-end grocery store), there was also a massive food market/food court. You could get anything from coffee to baked goods to sandwiches to sushi. It was slightly overwhelming.

Saturday night, I was able to catch up with one of my best friends and her husband and kids. We talked, I got updated pictures, we watched some of the Olympics, and for a grand finale, we had a bonfire and toasted marshmallows.

Sunday was a little quieter, but not much. In the morning, Mom and I attended the church I grew up in. After church we hit Panera for lunch with friend, before I headed out to Columbia to see my Dad, Stepmother, and three sisters.

Waking up Monday was tough, particularly because I knew it meant returning to New York. After breakfast with a friend, a trip out to a local farm for some more produce (I couldn’t leave the area without cantalope, watermelon, and the amazing peaches I had tried), my parents and I loaded up my stuff for the trip back. Although the return trip seemed to move faster, it was still the return trip.

What made this trip home different was that I was different. I just finished grad school, and really, this was the first time visiting home knowing that I wasn’t living there because of school, but because I had chosen to live in a different place. It made me thoughtful, nostalgic, and a little sad. Especially since I know that these short visits are more the reality.


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