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The Great Reader Debate: E-Reader or No E-Reader?

For a long time, I purposefully avoided this debate, running from the conversation so I didn’t have to form an opinion, but it would always catch up with me. People that knew I was ridiculously bookish would work it into a conversation, and for a long time, I couldn’t answer because I didn’t own an e-reader. It was not a luddite stand on the matter, it was simply for lack of funds…until I received a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago.

At first it wasn’t my favorite way to read. I missed turning the pages and the smell of a new book. It felt awkward to use the function to highlight passages for papers, or to search through the texts for quotes necessary for papers. But slowly, I got used to it. I could carry it easily in my backpack or purse. There were a lot of free books available, especially classics, so I could expand my library for free. And then there was the matter of shelf space- the e-reader freed up quite a bit of it.

This past February, however, I lost my Kindle at a bus stop. *Please pause for a moment of silence.* It’s been about six months without my e-reader, and I’ve found myself, at moments, longing for a Kindle Fire or an Ipad, especially when I travel. But I’ve also enjoyed the experience of reading without a screen. I like turning the pages, highlighting passages, and being able to loan my favorite books to my friends. I even like being able to swap them. And its pushed me back toward my local library. I borrow far more books than I ever have previously (at least as an adult), and I am exposed to alot of different genres because my recommendations are not simply restricted to what I’ve read before.

Given the chance to own an e-reader, I would probably go for it, but in the meantime, I will work on wearing my library card out.
What about you? Are you pro E-reader, or against?


I was meandering the web a bit this afternoon and caught this blog post on the NYT Technology site. I have been involved in many a discussion on books versus e-readers, and while I thought the post was interesting, I have mixed feelings about where the post landed.

What’s your take? Do you own an e-reader?

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