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Review: The Pursuit of Justice

Pursuit of Justice by DiAnn Mills is the third book in the Call of Duty Series. Pursuit of Justice tells the story of Special Agent Bella Jordan, and her pursuit of a killer who murdered three men hunting for the Spider Rock Treasure. What her superiors don’t know is her personal connection to the Spider Rock Treasure and the possible killer.

Pursuit of Justice is a fast moving, suspenseful read. Mills does a great job, as she did in her previous two novels in the series, of developing the characters. Bella seems normal and down to earth, and the interactions between characters are not unexpected. What is unexpected are the twists and turns connected to the mystery. Even at the end, when I think things are wrapped up, there is a twist.

There is a faith component in the series, and in Mills writing. Themes of grace and forgiveness are vividly present in this novel. In some ways, I think Bella’s struggle and her ultimate decisions regarding faith and forgiveness feel slightly…easy. While it was not completely unexpected, it did take away from things for me.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was a simple and engaging read. 3 Stars.


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