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Blogging: Changing the Way I Read

I must confess, before I started The Nerd Reports blog, I wasn’t necessarily an avid blog reader. My only exceptions were a few cooking blogs I was completely addicted to, and the blogs of close friends. I would collect a bunch of posts to read and sit there with my coffee catching up on blog posts. But I never read book review blogs.

Often, if I wanted an opinion on a book, I would try Amazon comments, or more likely, the New York Times Sunday Reviews. Both have yielded some great books, but also some complete duds. It never even occurred to me that book review blog existed until I did a bit of research because I wanted to start one myself.

These days I actively read about 10 book review blogs. Why the change?

Honestly, because I’ve enjoyed finding a community of readers. I like to see what other people’s take is on the classics. I like the straightforward reviews from real, down- to- earth people. Its inspired me to tackle books that felt daunting, like Anna Karenina, and read new ones, like Arranged. Everyday I get new book recommendations from people who live all over the world, and I have a place to dialog about them. There is community across the miles as we all work through a chunky book together, or as we peruse the new releases, or as we talk about the new loot from a library visit.

And I find that because I get so excited about reading new things, I want to talk about them. I want to comment on others blogs, I want them to comment on mine, and I want to review books.

It’s fun to realize that blogging and blog reading has transformed the way I read.


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