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What’s on Your Nightstand February

NightstandI’ve had a number of things change since January 1, and I’ve found myself with a surprising amount of time on my hands. It’s both wonderful and incredibly odd. That being said, here’s what I read in February:

The Forgotten by David Baldacci

The Expats by Chris Pavone

Inside Afghanistan: The American Who Stayed behind after 9/11 and His Mission of Mercy to a War Torn People by John Weaver

Pocket Your Dollars

Pocket Your Dollars: 5 Attitude Changes That Will Help You Pay Down Debt, Avoid Financial Stress, & Keep More of What You Make by Carrie Rocha

The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister

Princess Elizabeth’s Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal

Not too shabby, although I am no less behind on posting my reviews.

For February, here’s what I am reading and hoping to complete:

Tramp for the Lord

Tramp for the Lord by Corrie Ten Boom- A sequel to her powerful story The Hiding Place

A Woman’s Guide to Reading the Bible in a Year:  A Life Changing Journey into the Heart of God by Diane Stortz- I think the title says it all on this one- its a practical guide for reading through the Bible in a year.

A Holy Passion: Holiness by Ronald Blake, Neil Wiseman, & Charles Zinkman- This is a collection of essays on the topic of holiness for pastors. I think its an incredibly helpful resource in understanding the Church of the Nazarenes position on the doctrine on holiness…but I’ll confess, some of the essays are pretty dry.

Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini- This is the authors first stand alone, a historical fiction book based on Elizabeth Keckley, Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker. So far so good.

I could keep going, adding this week’s library books, and all the non-fiction I keep picking up and putting down, but let’s see how I do with these, shall we?

Check in a to see what others are reading.



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One thought on “What’s on Your Nightstand February

  1. I like how you admit that you pick up and put down books…I read Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker a few years back…it was quite fascinating…the Bible Reading program book intrigues me…happy reading!

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