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So…about the month of October…

When I started blogging in June, I knew there would be times when it was difficult to blog regularly, if at all, and I promised myself that I would prepare for that, and well, prepare you my dear readers for that. Fail. When September swept in with registration, a new series of projects, and a brand new schedule, I was prepared. I was not, however, prepared for the month of October and the host of emergencies, deadlines, and car repairs that would sweep me away.

I wish I could say that I have this grand collection of books to review, that I was quite literary during October in my hiatus- but I wasn’t. Other than randomly happening upon another book sale, I read only what was required of me, and at times, not even that. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t wrap my head around a story.

This season has passed, thankfully. The emergencies are no longer emergencies but realities that I have adjusted to or problems that have been solved. And my schedule, though still incredibly full, finally has some kind of rhythm to it. In the next few weeks I will review what I did read, roughly four novels and two non-fiction books, and start to pick up some of my regular posts again, such as the Weekend Recap and Library Loot. Sorry that I ever so briefly fell off the planet.





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