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Review: A Girl Like You

I came across a review for A Girl Like You and thought it would be the perfect pick for a beach day, which I was still hoping for in mid-August. When I actually had the chance to go to the beach Labor Day Weekend A Girl Like You was tossed into the beach bag along with a blanket, towel, and sunscreen.

Gercaci’s light story centers on Emma Frazier, a writer for Florida! magazine who has a definite crush on her boss, Ben Gallagher. To impress Ben, Emma promises an interview with the incredibly elusive NASCAR legend Trip Monroe, who grew up in Emma’s hometown of Catfish Cove. Emma quickly finds however, that the interview may be more difficult than she ever imagined to land. In the midst of trying to track down Trip, she finds herself pursued by an old friend in Catfish Cove and untangling parts of her past that she never thought existed.

While I enjoyed the subtle and at times, rather unexpected, twists and turns of plot that occurred in the story, I felt that there were alot of elements to the story that just felt unnecessary to me.  Some of it was, well, just drama, and it didn’t add anything to the story. Geraci did impress me with her use of first person narrative, particularly in the moments when Emma would “address the audience”- those moments were funny, and they added to the enjoyment of the read…and honestly, I can’t think of many novelists that can pull of self-deprecating humor from a narrator quite so well.

Although there were things I enjoyed, it was incredibly hard to get past the drama in places. I give A Girl Like You one star.


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