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Note to self (or my list)

A little over a year ago, amidst this myraid of change happening in my life seemingly all at once, I realized that I needed to remind myself of a few things. So in my journal one evening I wrote a list of 15 things I needed to remember every single day for a variety of reasons. A year later I was thinking about that list, and it seems no less relevant to my life today. Since I was reflecting on it, I thought I’d share:

1. You have permission to say no.

2. There will always be more on your to do list than you have energy for. Prioritize, do what you can, and be prepared to get very little done sometimes.

3. You will fail. Get over it.

4. It’s okay to walk away for a minute.

5. Use your words. People can’t read your mind and its not kind to always make them depend on your body language and facial expressions.

6. You become a jerk when you’re tired. Get enough sleep or make sure you can leave social situations before you become a jerk.

7. If you need something, ask. The worst they can say is no. (And they are allowed to use that word too.)

8. Eat every couple of hours. You think clearer and this also keeps you from becoming a jerk.

9. People you trust will hurt you. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you and it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it.

10. If you think you need medicine (aspirin, asthma meds, cold meds) take it. You probably needed it three hours ago.

11. People don’t like someone who is perfect, they like someone who is flawed like they are.

12. It’s not always about you.

13. You can’t change you. Only God can, and only if you let Him.

14. One thing at a time. Seriously, you’re not superwoman.

15. People love you. You don’t have to prove you are worth loving.

Please note as you read my list, that, well, its not YOUR list. These are not things I am reminding you of, they are for me.

*This list was originally posted on my other blog on 6/22/11. If you happen across it, its my work, not the work of someone else.


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