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Weekend Recap: The One with the Beach

I can’t say I had a ton of things I must do this summer, but as summer was creeping to a close, I noticed that I don’t really consider my summer complete without a trip to the beach. And so, midweek, I talked two friends into a beach trip on Saturday.

Although it involved getting up incredibly early for a Saturday, it was completely worth the effort. At a hour to early to mention, four of us piled into J’s car and headed south to the Jersey shore, with a coffee stop to ensure everyone was awake. In spite of the fact it was Labor Day weekend, we found a parking spot with ease, and headed towards the sand and waves.

It’s been my experience that I can’t go to the beach with just anyone. It sounds silly, but, well, when I go, its with the aim of relaxation- I want to sleep, read a novel that does not require me to think, spend some time in the water floating, maybe with a walk down the boardwalk or some time spent hunting for shells. Fortunately, I found the perfect group to go to the beach with. 🙂 I definitely got in a nap, I read the bulk of a mindless novel, I spent just enough time in the water, there was a walk down the boardwalk for ice cream, AND I hunted for shells. That, my friends, is definitely a sucessful and restful trip to the beach.

I hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend, and that you have a great Tuesday!


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