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Selling an opinion

A few weeks ago, I entered the debate on making money off of one’s blog in a Book Blogger Confession (see post here:…-off-your-blog/). For me book blogging is a hobby, and I do not receive any financial compensation for my reviews, although I do receive copies of books in exchange for an honest opinion. I do not promise anyone a favorable review because I am not willing to compromise my opinion or my values in order to make an author feel good about their work.

So when a friend email me this article, well, let’s just say I nearly had a heart attack: Are you kidding me?! This guy was selling favorable book reviews?! Just the thought made my blood boil, and that was even before I read the article.

Believe, I know that there are people blogging that are receiving copies of books and posting amazing reviews without having read the book. But it kills me to know that people are not just not reading the book, but selling a favorable review…and that there is a legitimate market for it. I’m not sure what makes me upset, the idea that people are willing to write opinions on books they have never read, or authors that seek them out.

I am not a writer, save for this blog, and its not how I make my living. But it would seem to me that they best way to get good reviews is to write good literature, or, if really all your looking for is an audience, choose an audience, study what they read and what they like, and write to them (typing that just killed me a little on the inside). Just don’t hire people to praise your work. Have some integrity. Write something worth praising. And accept that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.



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