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Weekend Recap: Remembering useful skills

I do love the weekends, particularly when work reaches a certain level of chaos as we approach the start of fall semester and I find myself on the phone an inordinate number of hours a day. This weekend, I actually had plans on Saturday that included more than just sleeping and reading as I found myself heading to Jersey for a pool party. I spent the afternoon swimming, eating amazing food, singing along to Abba while swimming, and just enjoying spending time with people. It was actually my first time swimming all summer, and I thoroughly enjoyed it…even when I was sore the next day because I hadn’t used some of the muscles I used to tread water and swim in quite some time.

Saturday evening, because I was so close to my sister’s in Jersey, I stopped by to see her and Little Man. I showed up with ice cream, which I figured would grant me admittance even though it was a little later in the evening. It was great to see them both for a second weekend in a row and to catch up. After crashing there for the night, I headed back home on Sunday…and that’s when adventure ensued…

Coming home, I stopped by the house to change and to pick up everything I would need for church.  I park my car on a car parking lot that isn’t exactly level, and I was in a hurry, so I missed the fact that my front left tire was nearly flat. I stopped at the store on my way to church, and upon returning to the car, finally noticed that the tire was flat. The timing? Well…not impeccable.

I moved to a service station across the street to change my tire, only to discover that my jack had disappeared. So, I called a friend at 9:30 in the morning. L.D. was gracious, even though it meant me waking her up, and she not only came to my rescue with a jack, but assisted me with the process of changing the tire. Once the tire is on, and I am just about ready to go, I realized the spare needed air. Thankfully, I was parked right in front of the air machine (which I am certain has some brilliant technical name which is currently eluding me), so I was able to top of the spare.
Honestly, as annoying as it was to have to change my tire to a spare, I am incredibly thankful for the timing of  the whole ordeal. It could have happened on the Garden State Parkway, or Interstate 80 on my way home. My poor bald tire could have given out at any point in the week and I could have been put in a very difficult and possibly dangerous situation. But it deflated quietly in the parking lot as I picked up matzoh, and I actually noticed it and was able to put on the spare. I am thankful that I am safe and that I actually had the skill set to change the tire… as well as for a friend who was willing to get up early on a Sunday to help me out.



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