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Ode to a Reading Chair

Image taken from the official Ikea USA website.

Since graduating with my undergraduate degree, I have moved a total of six times (and no, we are not talking about how long its been since that happened). Sadly, it took me six moves to realize that one of the most important things in setting up my room, aside from space for books and a place for jewelry, is a reading nook. But once I set my sights on it, I knew it would happen.

The first thing I choose was the chair. Oh, the chair. I had always been in love with the Ikea Poang chair. I can’t explain why, except to say I found it comfortable and incredibly reasonably priced. The thing is, I didn’t want the cheapest version of the chair. You know, the $69.00 version with a cloth cover. No, I wanted a black leather chair cover and a dark wood frame. And I needed the matching footstool as well.

While I would have loved to go straight to Ikea and purchase such loveliness immediately, my budget would not have it. But that was okay, because I had a plan. It was called Craigslist. I know, some of you have reservations with Craigslist, and I understand. But for someone with my budget, its one of the best options there is and I have gotten some pretty amazing pieces of furniture at incredible prices. Eventually I found my chair- $50.00 for both the chair and the footrest in the exact coloring I wanted.

Once I had my reading chair, it was simply a matter of rearranging the furniture. I moved a lamp into that corner, placed the bookcase nearby, and installed my chair. Although I will read on the couch in the living room, at the dining room table, or pretty much anywhere where I have access to a book, my favorite place to read is in my reading chair set so neatly in the corner of my room. It elevated my room from being a functional room to being my safe haven. Quite simply, I love my reading chair!


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