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Weekend Recap: The one where I remember pictures

Little Man’s Swim class

This past weekend is best described as full but happy. 🙂 Friday night, after scooting out of the office on time, I met a friend for dinner at my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant. Over fresh made guac and al pastore tacos, we caught up on life. Then I headed down to Jersey.Originally, my stepsister and I planned to take my nephew, Little Man, to a campout in a park near thier house, but due to some horrible storms coming through, it was cancelled. So, I rolled out my sleeping bag and camped out on the floor.Saturday was full as we ran some errands, went out to breakfast, and they showed me around the area. I got to see Little Man’s swim class,  a parent and child class he and my stepsister attend each week where he learns to scoop his arms, kick, and splash like a mad man. He loves the water, and it was alot of fun to see him show off his skills.Among our stops on Saturday was this amazing fruit and vegetable market, which sold really ripe produce for amazingly inexpensive prices. I was able to pick up several pounds of zucchini and avocados for a whooping $4.00. The zucchini is going into a few dinners and has gone into several batches of gluten free muffins. The avocados will be going into a big batch of homemade guacamole and probably into a salad or two as well.The past few weeks have been insanely busy, so it felt nice this weekend to slow down and to rest. It was refreshing to just hang out and talk with S. and be a part of Little Man’s routines. It reminded me to slow down, and be a bit more grateful. And to take pictures because there are moments I want to remember.


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