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Review: The Swiss Courier

I picked up The Swiss Courier by Trisha Goyer & Mike Yorkey because it looked interesting, and there happened to be a copy in my local library system. The Swiss Courier is about Gabi Mueller, a young woman living in Switzerland in World War II who has dual citizenship in the United States and Switzerland, although she appears to have been raised in Switzerland. Her language skills have landed her a high stakes job in translation, and recently she has become involved in the espionage office in hopes of helping the Allies win the war.

Things have begun escalating in Germany following an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Hitler’s life, including pressure on the scientists working on the “wonder bomb” that German leadership hopes will end the war in their favor. Gabi becomes intertwined in the drama, her life increasingly at risk as she becomes involved in the escape of a German physicist.

There is a lot that set up this book to be amazing. In the introduction, they mention the failed assassination attempt on Hitler (portrayed in the movie Valkyrie) and note that impact was that the Gestapos search to root out those who did not agree with the Third Reich was amplified. But if that was meant to explain how the characters in the book handled things, the connection was lost on me. Names and historical facts were dropped in an attempt to connect things, but with little finesse, and no explanation of how things connected. The side plots, such as Deitrich Baumann’s treachery, seemed interesting but really took away from the main plot.

Overall, I’d give this book just one star.


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