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Weekend Recap: All work and no play…

This weekend was mostly about being productive, with little bits of rest stuck neatly in between. Friday, pretty much as soon as I walked in the door I started a host of chores. The first on the list: putting away laundry. I tend to do laundry…and then just leave it in the laundry basket. Or in my chair. Or on top of the paperwork on the desk. Or where ever I can find space in the moment. But none of those places seem to be in my dresser. So, I took the time to put all of my laundry away. And make dinner, bake a batch of gluten free pecan banana muffins, and make iced coffee for the weekend.

Saturday was a touch more relaxed. I slept in a bit, met a friend for brunch downtown (I love bacon, cheddar, avocado omelets, especially when someone else is making them), and ran a few errands before meandering home for some Olympic viewing in the afternoon. After watching the Williams sisters make it to the finals round of doubles tennis, I found a soccer match- South Korea vs. Great Britain. The match was quite a long one, with 2 extra overtime periods, finally ending with a penalty kick-off. What made me laugh as I watched the soccer match was how emotional involved I become. I was cheering on Great Britain, and I found it heartbreaking when they lost.

In the evening, I worked on a bit of paperwork, before settling in for the evening. One of my roommates and I opted for a fast dinner of rotissere chicken and leftover veggies while watching The Italian Job which remains one of my absolute favorite movies. There may or may not have been a brief intermission for an ice cream run in there.

Sunday was full. Not bad, just full. Really, my weekends are Friday night and Saturday…which is something I am still adjusting too.

So…what was your weekend like? Lazy mornings, or still having to hit the snooze button on the alarm? Ice cream to beat the heat and old movies, or a trip to the movie theater?




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