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Review: Reality Check

Reality Check by Karen Tufts is a bit a of light reading, something fun after the heaviness of some of the classics I’ve been reading. It tells the story of Lucy, who returned home from college and found herself entered to be a contestant on the show “Soulmates” by her best friends. She wrestled with the decision, being from a devout Mormon family, but ultimately decides to be a contestant. What she doesn’t expect, however, is that she will fall for the handsome Ethan Glass, or what will stop them from being together.

Although maybe not the most realistic story, it was actually a pretty good read. Tufts does a good job of presenting a realistic look behind the scenes of a reality show that is familiar to many, and for the most part, she creates incredibly believable characters.

That being said, I had a few reservations about the book. The first is how the storyline played out. Would Lucy really have been able to forgive her friends for betrayal like that? I am not so sure. I feel like she too easily moved past her feelings toward Grace and Allie without really processing them. Her best friends, people she had known her entire life, sold her out. They judged her for her faith, they revealed their own feelings about decision she had made to the public instead of to her, and really, Allie didn’t even apologize. It doesn’t seem fully believable that she would be able to forgive them.

The second aspect that I had some reservations about is the faith aspect of the book. Lucy is a Mormon, and her faith plays a big role in her life, and she hopes it will play a big role in her future spouses life. In addition to describing LDS services, there is also a more detailed discussion of conversion to the LDS faith. While I understand how Lucy’s faith makes an impact on her decisions, and made her a rather unwelcome target for treachery, I was surprised at how much the Mormon faith and conversion experience became central in the plot.  Was it completely necessary element to the story? Maybe, but not quite to the extent it was included.

Overall, I give Reality Check two stars. I loved the concept, I just wasn’t fully satisfied with the way it played out.



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