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Review: The Elusive Mr. McCoy

 The Elusive Mr. McCoy by Brenda Baker was a surprising tapestry of interconnected lives and stories. They are the lives that surround Mr. McCoy, a man would slipped into a coma in a coffeeshop and is found with two wallets revealing two separate identities- one Eric McCoy, married to Kendra McCoy, the other Dave McCoy married to Lesley McCoy. In one life he is a mysterious and elegant employee of Pentagon, in the second he is a wilderness guide hoping to make a go of organic gardening. And he is married to both women at once.

There are quite a number of characters and factors in this book- McCoy, the wives, his agent, the former police detective Jason who was talking to him when he slipped into a coma, the families of the wives, and Jason’s own complicated family and history. It seems like its almost too many characters for a 300-page book, and yet it works. Each character has there own story, motivation, and secrets of their own.

Baker is an amazing writing. The book contains a bit of suspense, a bit of romance, and a surprising bit of sci-fi, all blended together in a highly readable piece of fiction. Four stars out of five.


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