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Weekend Recap: Reading, writing, & resurrecting baking

Friday afternoon turned out to be a bit on the rainy, cold, and slightly yucky side, but that actually worked in my favor. After finishing up some errands  I went home, plopped my laptop on the dining room table, made a pot of tea, and then spent much of the afternoon sending out emails, working with an online survey, and finishing up the remains of a lesson plan for Sunday. After I finished my work for the afternoon, I headed down to the french patisserie downtown and met a friend for coffee.

Saturday was again quiet. I did the normal practical things that are part of a weekend- a bit of cleaning and some laundry, but I spent alot of my day just reading. I wasn’t feeling well, and although it was absolutely beautiful outside, I was reluctant to go out to run errands. Since it was one of the rare occasions when my schedule was blank AND the house was empty, I opted to take a nap on the living room couch, and I found afterwords I felt a ton better.

I felt good enough, in fact, to attempt baking. Now, for a little practical background, you should know that I LOVE to bake. Or I did, until this past September when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease (an inherited autoimmune disease in which eating gluten causes an immune system reaction in the small intestine). When baking became complicated, if not seemingly impossible because of my inability to consume wheat and later, corn, I quit baking.

My family and friends, not completely content with the fact that I’ve just given up have been trying to encourage me to get back into it. And honestly, I miss it. I miss having fresh baked muffins on Sunday morning, and creating something new for dessert when friends are coming for dinner. I miss Christmas baking, and looking for random cookie recipes to try. I miss knowing that I can turn the bananas going bad in the kitchen into banana bread.

So this weekend, armed with a peanut butter cookie recipe containing only three ingredients – peanut butter, sugar, and an egg, I gave baking another shot for the first time in awhile. And I loved it.

The cookies were good, although incredibly rich. And while they may not be my biggest victory, they are certainly an important start on my journey back to baking.



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