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Review: Arranged

After reading a review of Arranged at the blog 5 Minutes for Books (check it out at, I ordered it from my local library. It came in Friday, and much to my surprise, I had free time to read on Sunday night, so I picked up Arranged.

Arranged tells the story of Anne Blythe, who after yet another failed relationship followed quickly by the engagement announcement of her best friend Sarah, decides she needs help finding a relationship. She contacts Blythe & Co., whose business card she found, believing that they are a dating service only to discover that they specialize in arranged marriages. The concept is surprising to Anne, but not completely unwelcome, and we follow her as she explores arranged marriages and makes a decision whether or not to take the plunge.

McKenzie creates amazingly normal characters. One of the things I loved about her writing is that the characters were well developed and realistic. I can imagine my best friend and I have conversations that resemble Anne and Sarah’s. McKenzie’s writing is refreshingly light, but still makes you think about your own thoughts and feelings about romance, dating, marriage, and friendship.

It was a fun read, and I recommend it for beach reading.


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