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Remembering THAT book

For me, the book that first truly captivated me was “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott. It was the first book that made me cry, the first book that made me laugh out loud, and the first book I ever received in hardcover with a dust jacket.  I had read many books before “Little Women”, but I had never been so drawn into the story, so lost in another world.

The copy I was given also had “Little Men” and some of Alcott’s short stories, and I read through them all. I had fallen in love with reading. With stories. With the work of an author. A book, words written on a page, had compelled me to feel and to respond in laughter and tears.

The beauty of literature, of good writing, is that it doesn’t merely entertain, it transports. Often as a child, I spent many afternoons being transported. As an adult, I don’t spend quite as many afternoons adrift on the opens seas of literature, but I try to squeeze in as many as I can.

Do you remember THAT book? The one that captured your attention so fully you nearly drowned in it? The one that makes you smile when you remember it because it was the one that made you fall in love with reading?


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4 thoughts on “Remembering THAT book

  1. Maria on said:

    Little Women was definitely one of mine! Thanks for sharing your personal connection with this beloved childhood favorite!

    • Maria,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. 🙂 I think part of the beauty of books is that, aside from the fact they can be highly entertaining, or teach us something new is that they can touch us deeply as well.


  2. It’s been a combination of books. I love reading biographies, most especially of Louisa May Alcott – they drew me into reading and now I’m getting my feet wet on her writing.

    • Thanks for sharing, and for checking out my blog! I haven’t actually read any biographies of Louisa May Alcott. Are there any you recommend? Are there any other biographies in general you would recommend?

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